Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation:


"Resource Augmentation is the practice of consultancy firms recruiting information technology workers in order to contract their services out on short-term basis. Regarded as legitimate consultancy by both the companies that practice it and by the people employed, Resource Augmentation is disparaged by those IT services companies that assert that they provide real services."

In other words, Resource Augmentation is a process of hiring the resource from any company for their short term / long term work. In many cases, most of the organization requires skilled resources to complete their assignment. The hiring of the candidate of specific time period is a very time consuming process. Also there is always uncertainty about the performance of the contract employee. Resource augmentation can help you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development, and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

TechZyena's resource augmentation process helps you to hire a resource on contract for certain period. By this process, you can have a candidate with your desired skillset in quick time and also you can hire specific to your requirement only. TechZyena provides the resource on contract to various organizations in following contract format.

  • Annual Contract
  • Quarterly / Six Month Contract
  • Weekly, Monthly Contract
  • Pay as you Go (Hourly Contract)