Today, the educational institutes are managing their operational transactions manually. To manage such transactions manually and maintaining its track is a big challenge. This requires major human efforts with large complications. To maintain the track of the data is another complex part of the system. Many of the occasions it takes few days to retrieve the required data from the ledgers and to prepare the required reports.

Making educational systems automated and online is a need to the world. This reduces the day to day operational complexity and helps organization to manage and retrieve the data quickly. Looking at this problem TechZyena Solutions have introduced an educational product named EduMantra.

EduMantra is an IT Product, especially designed for the Education System in India. It is an End to End Solution for all Educational Institutes in India. An EduMantra is a complete portfolio for the Educational system. It consists of huge number of subsystems of Educational sector. EduMantra is a complete solution for Day to Day operational challenges of an Institute. EduMantra has its own knowledge base to track the Educational Data.

EduMantra offers you a complete automated and online system. EduMantra helps organization to reduce the paperwork and build an eco-friendly system. EduMantra consist of user friendly applications which will manage the day to day operational activity of an organization. The system will allow students and parents to interact with the institute. The EduMantra Warehouse and Reporting generates customized dynamic reports for the top management.

Following are some of the key features of EduMantra :

  • A complete solution for Educational Institute
  • Education at Ease
  • Trace of Data
  • Reduce the paperwork
  • Student interaction with the Management
  • Prompt Notifications
  • Independent Customization for every user
  • Direct communication between Staff, Parent and Student
  • No maintenance cost
  • Free support and enhancement.

ERP System :

  1. Student Admission Process (Offline Admission)
  2. Admission Fees and Payments
  3. Identity Card System
    • Staff Identity Card
    • Student Identity Card
  4. Staff Enrollment
  5. HRMS System
    • Staff Attendance
    • Staff Leave Management
    • Staff Attendance Discrepancy Management
    • Staff Timesheet Management
  6. Payroll
    • Income Tax Declaration
    • Staff Salary Structure
    • Staff Monthly Payslips
    • Tax Calculator
  7. Login Module
  8. Timetable and attendance
  9. Exam and Results
  10. Library
  11. Gymkhana
  12. Laboratory Management
  13. Canteen
  14. Hostel
  15. Parking
  16. Finance
    • Expense Management
    • Accounts
  17. Training and Placements

Online Admissions :
   - Merit List Preparation
Dashboard :
   - Student Dashboard
   - Parent Dashboard
   - Administration Dashboard
Reports :
   - Local Reports
   - High Level Report
   - MIS Report
   - Graphical Reports
Interface Systems :
   -  SMS Services
   -  Email Services

EduMantra is a unique product which gives a complete solution for educational institute. The ID's created within the system are traceable over entire system and each module of the EduMantra is closely connected with other. The system allows managing day to day operational activities of institute. The system allows the staff member to manage the student details (such as attendance, results) at a single point.

  • User Friendly Applications
  • All required modules for Education System under one system
  • Easy data communication between multiple application
  • Immediate Notifications for Staff, Student and Parent
  • Independent Customization for every Staff Member
  • Interactive reports for higher management
  • Will help to increase attendance ratio in the college
  • An opportunity for build a Techno-Functional institute

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