Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. To keep this track manually is not an easy job. This requires huge man efforts and also there is un-surety of the correctness of data. Also the retrieval of data is a tedious job. This creates a huge lead time for making higher end business decisions.

An eTracker system provides many benefits to organizations. It enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control labor costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. Manual processes are also eliminated as well as the staff needed to maintain them. It is often difficult to comply with labor regulation, but a time and attendance system is invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.

Companies with large employee numbers might need to install several time clock stations in order to speed up the process of getting all employees to clock in or out quickly or to record activity in dispersed locations.

Depending on the supplier, identification method and number of clocking points required, prices vary widely. A time and attendance system protects a company from payroll fraud and provides both employer and employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments all while improving productivity.

To manage the employee records manually is tedious job. This requires huge man efforts and also there is un-certainty and un-tractability of the data. The information captured through manual systems (such as Employee Muster, Attendance Muster, Printed Pay slips) is very hard to use for the decision making. The records captured / stored are only useful for the day to day transaction processing. The data recovery of historical data is close to impossible. The application for the staff requests (such as Leave Request, Tax Statement, Discrepancy Requests, Shift Roster Management and many more) is a time consuming process and informing this to each staff is not possible. These requests also take more cost on the stationary and preserving this document over the time period is too costly.

Considering this problem with almost every organization, TechZyena Solution worked on the product eTracker which helps organization to overcome these problems. eTracker is an IT product designed to handle HR activities of your organization. The system gives extensible support to HR / higher management. This is a web based system, which gives accessibility of the application over the internet. The application helps to increase the productivity of the organization at drastic level and also reduces the operational and stationary cost required with manual system.

Please refer the comparison graphs below, which describe the required cost and productivity from the system :


Refer the graphs for the comparison of the manual system and eTracker for the decision making :


To give the extensible support to HR / higher management, eTracker is designed with following set of Modules.

Staff Enrollment :
    New Staff Registration
     Modify Staff Records
    Staff Reliving Formalities

Staff Attendancet :
    Thumb Detector Device for attendance recording
    Attendance across various branches / locations
    Staff Shift and Roster Allocation

Staff Leave Management :
    Leave Application
    Leave Approval and Administration
    Leave Rejection and Cancellation

Staff Attendance Discrepancies Management :
     Discrepancy Application
     Discrepancy Approval and Rejection

Staff Payroll :
    Investment Declaration
    Pay-slip Generation
    Tax Calculator
    Generation for Annual Tax Statements

Daily Activity Sheet (Timesheet) :
    Timesheet Submission
    Timesheet Approval
    Timesheet reporting

Reports :
    Staff Attendance Reports
    Staff Salary Reports
    Text Reports
    Graphical / Progress Reports

eTracker gives you huge operational advantages. This reduces the man effort required to keep the track of your HR system to huge level. Some of the key advantages of eTracker are :

  • User Friendly Applications.
  • Reduces huge man efforts to keep the track of your attendance system.
  • Easy leave application and approval form, helps you to record the attendance details of your employees.
  • A paperless system helps you to cut down the stationary cost.
  • System helps you to prepare cost matrix over the work and time.
  • Different access roles for each user type.
  • Supports multiple work locations / branches of the organization.
  • Covers all necessary modules in the Human Resource Management System.
  • Integrated with thumb detector devices to increase the productivity and efficiency of the system.
  • Web based application, which allows the user to access the system remotely.
  • Interactive reports for higher management. Generates text and graphic reports.
  • 24 X 7 Support for the application.
  • Interactive packages available which helps you to pick the desired functionality.

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